What We Do
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Customer Performance is the passion of Northern Engineering in Superior, Wisconsin

Northern Engineering specializes in repair and renewal of mechanical equipment, industrial gear drives, conveying and propulsion systems, engine heads and valves, shaft and bearing replacement, analytical assessment and test, as well as maritime engineering capability since 1916. All services available twenty-four hours a day on-site or in a shop.

Northern Engineering Capabilities, Core Competencies, and Technical Expertise

  • Analytical Assessment Capability
  • Bearing assessment and replacement
  • Bronze, Brass and Copper Casting
  • Boring – in shop or in-situ
  • Cylinder Repair – Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  • Conveying Systems Repair and Renewal
  • Deck equipment renewal
  • Engine head and valve repair and renewal
  • Flange facing – in shop or in-situ
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Gear Box and Gear Drive Components Repair and Renewal
  • Gearing replacement or regrinding
  • Gearbox Reconditioning
  • Impeller Design and Replacement
  • Machining – in shop or in-situ
  • Materials Research
  • Metalizing – Flame Spray
  • Metal Stitching
  • Milling – in shop or in-situ
  • On Site Machining Services
  • Polyflake Renewal Services
  • Power Train Adjustment and Repair
  • Precision Production Machining and Milling
  • Propulsion System Renewal/Repair
  • Pump Rebuild and Refurbishment
  • Rotational Balance
  • Shaft Renewal (rebuild or reclad)
  • Vibration Analysis