What Exactly Is A Gearbox

industrial gear drives repair and renewalIf you aren’t a mechanic, it can difficult to understand the multitudinous problems that affect your machinery. Whether you need a gearbox rebuild or industrial gear drives repair and renewal, it can be overwhelming for anyone without a concrete understanding. Let’s take a minute to explain it in broad strokes.

What exactly is a gearbox?

Gearbox is another word for transmission. Its primary function is to convert the energy generated by the engine into toque, or a force of rotation. While there are a wide range of variations on the industrial gearbox, at its most basic, a gear box consists of three types of components: shafts, gears, and bearings.

  1. Shafts

    The most important components are the shafts. The input shaft is connected to the engine and takes the force into the gearbox. That energy is then passed through the lay shaft, either in full or at a reduced rate depending on the gears (more on that in a minute), and outputted by way of the main shaft to the propeller shaft.

  2. Gears

    The gears help optimize the amount of torque, increasing or decreasing relative to input energy based on the desired effect. When starting to accelerate, a car will need much more torque in order build momentum. Once momentum has been built, however, a great deal less torque is required to maintain speed. The utilization of torque is a function of the ratio between the gears of the main shaft and the lay shaft.

  3. Bearings

    The bearings are designed to reduce the friction of the shafts, preventing overheating and wear and tear inside the gearbox. While these bearings are built to withstand a great deal of pressure, it is important not to take them for granted. Unless properly lubricated, these bearings will break down and possibly cause some serious damage to your gearbox.

When Might Something Be Wrong

The biggest clues that your gearbox may be in need of repair are excess noise, fluid leaking, oil contamination, or vibration. If you experience these problems, see a professional; you could experience anything from leaky seals, electric fluting or even bearing failure.

Hopefully, this little guide will help you understand this staple of modern engineering and will give you a little more comfort the next time you need an industrial gearbox repair or industrial gear drives repair and renewal.