Gearbox Problems That Warrant Professional Repair Services

gearbox repair technicianAs a vehicle owner, you never want to experience a concerning smell, movement, or noise when driving your car. Of course, the same is true when dealing with heavy equipment and other types of industrial machinery.

Unfortunately, vehicles are not invincible, and you may find yourself with a gearbox problem. It’s important to know about common problems with gearboxes so you can spot them as they start to develop but before they lead to equipment failure. To minimize accidents, damage, and downtime, let’s take a look at a few common gearbox problems that definitely require prompt intervention.

Shaking movements: Is your vehicle shaking while you operate it? There might be a problem with your gearbox. If you are experiencing a shaking movement, even if it only occurs above a certain speed or operating threshold, it’s a good indicator that there may be something wrong with the gears. In general, your gear should never be shaking or making grinding noises; however, when manual gearboxes shift into gear, they often make grinding noises and shake slightly. Generally, shaking movements mean that you have damaged or worn gears or gear synchronizers. If this is the case, a gearbox repair technician is going to need to take a look at the vehicle. Fortunately, the right onsite machining services can resolve the problem in no time.

Misalignment: All vehicles are subject to misalignment problems, and it is a very common problem with industrial gearboxes. Misalignment is often found in gear and bearing pitting and can lead to the gearbox failing completely. There could be several causes of misalignment, including improper installation, deflection problems, and thermal expansion. Additionally, if the wrong gearbox is installed or gearbox repair services are done incorrectly, misalignment can occur. If you need a new gearbox, you won’t have trouble getting one. In 2010 alone the U.S. exported about $42.7 billion worth of industrial machines, so any gearbox or machines you need to fix your equipment will be available.

Burning smell: It’s safe to say that your vehicle or industrial machine should never produce a burning smell. So when it does, that’s a surefire sign that something is wrong. Oftentimes, a burning smell is the result of overheating transmission fluid. And because transmission fluid is responsible for keeping parts cooled and lubricated, overheating transmission fluid is a serious problem. Overheating fluid can lead to increased friction, corrosive activity, and a build up of debris within the gearbox. This is why it’s important to have a gearbox repair technician take a look at the vehicle before the gearbox breaks down completely.

Knowing something is wrong with your vehicle can be really frustrating. But it’s important to have a gearbox repair technician take a look at your vehicle sooner rather than later to prevent the problem from worsening.