Gearbox Not Working? Here Are the Best Qualities to Look for in a Technician

If your gearbox isn’t working like it should, there could be any number of problems — calling a gearbox repair technician is the best way to ensure your materigearbox repair technicianals are fixed properly. If you’re looking to hire a gearbox repair technician, consider these factors when you’re picking your team.


While you might be able to skimp on quality in some aspects of your life, relying on a professional gearbox repair technician is a necessity. Because you’re working with industrial gearboxes and professional-grade, often dangerous equipment, you don’t want to be liable for anyone’s injuries and you want to make sure the job is done right. Onsite machining is a difficult process and it takes an experienced technician to perform repair and renewal for your gearbox.

Your gearbox may exhibit common symptoms of a larger issue, such as excessive noise, intense vibration, fluid leaks, or contaminants in your oils — if there is a combination of issues, or another problematic symptom occurring, hiring a specialist is mandatory.

Fair Price

While a highly experienced gearbox repair technician is necessary for your gearbox rebuild, many are able to do it for a cheaper price than their competitors. A good technician will give you a quote, whether it be for a renewal or rebuild. Regardless, the process should always start with a “Not to Exceed” quote that gives you a baseline price that cannot be exceeded. However, after the initial assessment, you may have the ability to request additional services to ensure your gearbox is working at peak condition.


Don’t be afraid to look at online reviews regarding automatic gearbox repair technicians. Getting your gearbox repaired can be a costly venture, and proper diagnosis and treatment of the issue are essential. Look for technicians who deal with your issues specifically, or find a technician in your area who works on your specialty part. You should always trust your gut when you’re making this kind of decision. Never be afraid to explore all your options if you feel like you’re being swindled or want a second opinion.

While buying your own gearbox rebuild kits might save you a few dollars and work wonders for predictive maintenance, hiring an experienced professional is the only way to ensure your gearbox will work efficiently and effectively.