Before Choosing Your Industrial Gear Oil, Ask These 4 Questions

industrial gearboxThese days, industrial manufacturing is in high demand. In fact, machinery manufacturing shipments accounted for 7.1% of all manufacturing shipments in 2012. This may not sound like a lot, but that 7.1% ends up equaling about $407.4 billion!

But in order to keep up with high demand, you need to make sure that your industrial gearboxes are able to function properly and productively. The best way to do this is with the right industrial gear oil. Choosing and maintaining the right gear oil is essential for ideal performance. In order to make sure your gear oil lasts a long time without problems, ask these four simple questions before you make your pick:

Is it a clean product?

The bottom line is that a cleaner product will move through a filtering system much more easily. If you have a significant working load, you need to make sure your gear oil actually stays on your gears. If you don’t, you’ll often find that the metal-to-metal contact between gears creates physical stress and heat, which can often result in the need for industrial gearbox repair and renewal.

If you want to cut down on operating costs while simultaneously meeting your manufacturing demands, invest in a cleaner gear oil.

How strong is the lubricant?

Standard oils might satisfy industry standards at first, but they’ll quickly become totally ineffective during the course of operations. That’s why you need to use industrial gear lubricants. They’re strong enough to be used in the harshest working environments and keep their functionality over time. Industrial gear lubricants are specifically designed to be durable. Since they keep gears running smoothly, they’ll reduce the need for gearbox rebuild. Thus, they can help lengthen the lifespan of your equipment and cut your costs. Make sure the lubricant you use is strong enough to withstand your needs.

Will it divert water?

They say that oil and water don’t mix. While this is true, you still need to take measures to keep your industrial gearbox dry. Doing so might be more of a challenge than you think. Because manufacturing is often done at extreme temperatures, you have to know that your gear oil will be able to stop water from getting into the casing under any conditions. Doing so will help to increase the functionality and lifespan of both your gears and the oil itself.

Does it work well with additives?

Keep in mind that certain substances aren’t always completely stable under extreme conditions. If you use a substance that is supposed to increase your gear oil’s ability to handle high pressure, you need to pick an oil that will work well with these additives. In some cases, an imbalance of temperature may lead to slime development.

Ideally, the technologies we use today can help maintain ideal temperature levels so this doesn’t occur, but you should still do your research before making a final decision. Since additives can help your industrial gearbox to last longer and eliminate unnecessary repairs, be careful to choose a gear oil that interacts well with additives under extreme conditions.

Choosing the right industrial gear oil is important to maintaining your equipment. However, the need for repairs and rebuild will inevitably still arise. To find out more about the services we offer here at Northern Engineering, please get in touch with one of our gearbox repair specialists today.