5 Gearbox Inspection Tips to Keep in Mind

industrial gear boxIndustrial gearboxes are important components in any utility vehicle. And like any other vital piece of equipment, they need to be inspected regularly. Gearbox repair and renewal, and possibly replacement, are necessary to ensure safety for equipment operators, as well as save money.

When time comes to conduct an industrial gearbox repair or inspection, keep the following techniques in mind.

  1. Before you delve too far into an inspection, take a thorough look at the outside of the gearbox for any signs of damage. Scorching, erosion, and leaks are all possible, and need to be addressed first and foremost. Check to see if there is any chipped paint at the structural ports that could indicate damage or deterioration. You should also check all of the mechanical attachments and see if they are still strong enough to bear weight. If not, then you need to have them repaired or replaced.
  2. Check for leaks or remnants of oil spillage at the shaft seals. If you see any evidence of oil spills, the seals are not secure and are likely allowing dirt and water to enter the gearbox.
  3. The breather, similar to our lungs, should be clear of all pollutants. It should not be in a high-pressure area of the gearbox and should be protected by a screen and drying agent to prevent debris and moisture from entering.
  4. Check out the cover of the inspection port. Like the shaft seals, an inadequate seal can cause leaks. Issues that have been detected early on may be easily fixed, and can be easily repaired.
  5. Look at the points of contact on the gear teeth. Erosion of the teeth could be explained by an outside force, or more likely by a misalignment. There is likely a bearing issue. It’s important to fix this quickly, as further contact can severely damage the gear teeth.

Industrial machinery equipment is extremely expensive. In fact, in 2012, machinery shipments totaled $407.4 billion. With such valuable equipment, you don’t want just anyone to fix it. The only people you should trust to inspect your gearbox are gearbox repair specialists.

If the time has come for your gearbox to be maintained or replaced, trust the team at Northern Engineering.