3 Common and Easily Preventable Causes of Machinery Issues

analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipmentMachines are a huge part of the American landscape: they help us work our fields, mine the earth for its valuable resources, and fly through the sky and sail over the ocean. The United States produces so many machines that in 2010 we exported approximately $42.7 worth of industrial machines around the world.

But for all they do to ease the burdens and trials of modern life, they are hardly infallible: machines break down. Industrial gearbox repairs, and conveying and propulsion systems repair and renewals, are a part of life for anyone who works with heavy machinery.

In the past, we’ve talked about common problems and symptoms faced by various types of machinery and equipment, as well as the analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment needed to repair them. This time, we are going to dig into some of the more common, and preventable, causes of such problems.

  1. Not Reading the Manual

    While this may be common sense, a surprising amount of machinery breakdowns occur because the operator neglected to read the manual. While it might be tempting to gloss over the information in a manual and assume that operation is, more or less, the same as previous equipment, it is imperative that you take the time to read the manual.

  2. Improper Maintenance

    Whether it is because you are skipping a regularly required step, like cleaning out certain functions or not monitoring components closely enough, this is again directly preventable by practicing more thorough machine care. And while it might feel taxing to spend the extra time taking care of your machinery, the rewards, in the long run, will be more than worth the effort.

  3. Overreaching the Capability

    Put simply, just because a piece of machinery can run at a certain level does not mean that you should always run it at the extreme of its performance capability. While it might help you finish your immediate job more quickly, it can also cause significant wear and tear on your machinery.

If you find yourself constantly running into the same types of problems with your machinery, consider having an outside company run an analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment in order to determine whether or not your issues are the result of a simple and preventable cause.